Visible Light Solar Technology’s LED and Solar/LED Retrofit Product Line
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Progress Solar Solutions: LED Outdoor Lighting Services

Visible Light Solar Technology LED and Solar/LED Retrofit Product Line

Turning standard high intensity discharge lights “energy hogs” into cost effective “energy sipping LED lighting” powered by electric or solar power.

Progress Solar Solutions now distributes Visible Light Solar Technologies’ full retrofit product line, including LED and Solar/LED lighting solutions for street, parking, area, security wall packs, parking decks, bollards and interior high bay and low bay lights. These energy efficient LED lights are ideal for light-intensive commercial, government, education, industrial, hospital and airport applications.

The Visible Light Solar lighting solutions, which utilize Cree solid-state LEDs and comply with the Buy American Act, offer two unique lighting system configurations:

  • Cost-effective LED retrofits that utilize the existing poles and electric light fixture housing. Retrofits offer a fast return on investment (typically 1 to 3 years) and a long life of up to 100,000 hours (over 20 year at 12 hours per night). 
  • New or retrofit solar/LED lights that combine low power consumption with a hybrid solar and electric system to power the lights first from the renewable energy stored in the batteries and then from the electric grid only when needed.
Both systems positively impact the environment by significantly reducing carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel based electricity which contributes to global warming.  The Vector product line is a great fit for facilities that already have significant investments in their lighting infrastructure. It is often much more cost-effective to retrofit existing HID lighting with energy efficient LEDs than replacing fixtures. It extends the life of those older lighting fixtures and keeps them out of the landfills.”