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Solar LED SmartPoleTM

Progress Solar Solutions Becomes
the Exclusive Distributor of the Inovus Solar
LED SmartPole
TM in NC, SC and VA

This innovative solar outdoor lighting product has no visible solar panels or battery box. The pole is wrapped in solar cells and the batteries and the “brains” of the SmartPole are completely housed within the base of the pole. This solar LED parking & area light looks like commonly used shoebox lights. The SmartPole is made in the U.S. and operates completely independent from the electric grid. The system consists of a high-performance modular LED light that can be used in any standard IES or custom light pattern needed. The twenty five foot pole internally houses the batteries and electronics within the base of the pole, and is wrapped with solar cells and covered with a Teflon-like coating. The system’s smart characteristics include the ability to start out at 100% light intensity, then dim at a designated time to save power combined with 3 motion detectors to bring the light back to 100% when anyone is nearby.

The SmartPole has been tested in some of the most extreme environments and offers the best-in-class autonomy (runs from 4 to 9 days during cloudy, rainy, snow covered days depending on mode of operation). It offers brilliant white LED lighting that can go up to 16 years between light source changes. The SmartPole offers a functional, attractive solar lighting option with a great combination of value-added benefits and an affordable price. Solar LED outdoor lights provide brilliant white lighting; eliminate expensive trenching and electrical lines, significantly reduces the cost and labor for maintenance, and totally eliminates ongoing electrical energy costs.” Developed and manufactured by Inovus Solar. Exclusive distribution in NC, SC and VA by Progress Solar Solutions, LLC.

 Inovus SmartPole -Technical Specifications