Mobile Solar Light Tower: SLT800 and SLT1200
Progress Solar Solutions Issued a US Patent for Mobile Solarwind and Solar Hybrid Powered Light Towers

Progress Solar Solutions: LED Outdoor Lighting Services

The progress solar Mobile Light Tower
(Light Plant or light tower) - NEW


Progress Solar Solutions, LLC is using its experience in combining solar renewable energy with energy efficient LED outdoor lighting to introduce commercial quality, portable solar light towers which are proudly made in the United States. These towable solar light towers can be used for any application where a diesel, gas or electric generator-powered light tower is needed.

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Light Tower
Light Tower
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Light Tower
Light Tower
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Brilliant White Lighting - Cost Effective
Saves Energy and the Environment

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• No Noise – Complete Silence!
• No Expensive Diesel Fuel Required – Saves $$$ and Time Consuming Fuel Runs
• No Diesel Smell – Just Fresh Air
• No Daily, Weekly or Monthly Maintenance – Convenient, Saves Time & Money
• No Frequent Light Bulb Changes – LED Lighting Lasts Up To 50,000 Hrs (~12 Yrs)
• No Fossil Fuels – Just Free, Renewable Energy From The Sun
• No Financial Downside – Competitive Purchase Price - Federal & State Solar Incentives –
__Significantly Reduced Operating Costs


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Mobile Light Tower Detail Sheet

There are numerous options including quantity and type of LED flood lights, street or area lights. Solar Power Modules and Solar Power Storage Modules are sized appropriately based on application and the amount of reserve power stored to power the lights during cloudy or bad weather days.


Ideal for

Special Events - Construction and Work Sites
Security & Safety Military Operations – Disaster Recovery
Any Light On - Demand Application