SLT800: Mobile Solar And Wind Light Towers. Portable solar light towers. Moble Solar Light Tower.
Progress Solar Solutions Issued a US Patent for Mobile Solarwind and Solar Hybrid Powered Light Towers
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The progress solar Light Towers

(Made in USA - Patents Pending)


Powered By Free Renewable Energy from the Sun & Wind!

SLT™ 800-HVR

For Low to Moderate Volume Applications


With Wind Power


800 Watts of Solar Power
 Plus Optional Wind Power

Without Wind Power




The SLT™800 Series consists of 4 models as listed above. This series is best suited for the moderate to heavy lighting applications. In most geographic areas, the SLT800s cover most routine 5 night work weeks or more, year round, and are the most commonly purchased units for general rental applications. To expand power generation capabilities even more, there is an optional wind generator to allow the unit to recharge even at night and during bad weather days. The rapid dual-bank AC battery charger comes standard and is available for backup should you ever need it. Great white bright LED lighting on-demand, without the expense of diesel fuel, or routine maintenance and the labor associated with the fuel runs and to cut the engine on/off each night and again each morning. All without the associated carbon emissions, noise and fumes.


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Light Tower
Light Tower
Light Tower
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