Progress Solar/Hybrid Light Tower ( Mobile Unit)
Progress Solar Solutions Issued a US Patent for Mobile Solarwind and Solar Hybrid Powered Light Towers


NEW Progress Solar/Hybrid™ Light Tower

Your Year-Round Solution for Solar Lighting

Everyone is looking for ways to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness in their operations today while minimizing total costs and any negative impact to the environment (carbon emissions, noise & light pollution). The Progress Solar/Hybrid Light Tower is the right solution to meet ALL of these objectives. This system is primarily powered by free renewable energy from the sun but is backed-up by an on-board automated liquid propane (LP) generator, if ever needed. This insures light anytime, anywhere, for as long as you need it, regardless of the weather.


These units are backed by Progress Solar Solutions, LLC the pioneers in the industry for mobile solar solutions providing the first commercially available units in each of these categories Progress Solar™ Light Towers, Progress Solar/Wind™ Light Towers and Progress Solar/Hybrid™ Light Towers, Progress LED Flood Lights™ and Progress Variable-Intensity LED Flood Lights™. They are proven in the toughest environments from deserts to arctic cold. This is the widest range of portable solar lighting solutions on the market and they are the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and durable outdoor lighting systems available. These light towers are all designed to minimize/eliminate operating costs (fuel, fuel runs, fuel spills & cleanup, engine maintenance, turning lights on/off manually and light maintenance) providing you the best return-on-investment, bar none.



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Renewable Energy Power Generation & Storage

• Typically 800 or 1000 watts of 24VDC off-grid solar power (your choice). Unlike other solar hybrid units that frequently require routine use of their generator to keep the unit operating, Progress Solar provides the most solar generating capacity available to minimize the need for ancillary power needs and frequent fuel runs and maintenance.

• Typically 8 or 12 deep-cycle, no maintenance AGM batteries, with the longest known cycle-life available (your choice).
Backup Generator & AC Battery Charger

• Air-cooled, electric-start, auto-prime, LPG generator with Progress Rapid AC Charger™ which is provided for back-up use. Solar power will provide the vast majority of power needed for operating the lights.

• There is a Progress Smart Start/Stop™ control that automatically turns the backup generator on if the battery voltage ever runs low during inclimate weather periods and then turns the generator off once the batteries are topped off. It also has automated maintenance runs to exercise your generator during long periods when the generator is not necessary since our Progress Solar/Hybrid light towers are designed to run primarily off renewable energy, unlike other options where the generator is required for routine use of their systems year round.

Progress LED Light & Mast Assembly

• Fully programmable, automated light controls to turn the energy efficient LED floodlights on/off to eliminate unnecessary rounds to turn the lights on and off manually every evening and every morning. Naturally a manual override switch can be used at any time.

• 30' telescoping, tubular steel mast with auto-brake winches

• Four (4) high-intensity, solid-state LED light fixtures can be independently rotated and tilted in any direction, and the mast can be completely rotated to allow for complete flexibility in illuminating surrounding areas. The LED light fixtures are available in Standard bright white lighting. Optionally, Progress Variable-Intensity Flood Lights are readily available (High (50% brighter than Medium), Medium (Standard) & Low (10% less bright than Medium) settings. No other Solar light tower offers comparable lighting.

• LED lights were initially introduced in the U.S. by Progress Solar in the portable light tower market and they are rapidly becoming the new standard for every type of light tower regardless of its power source. The lights are designed to be significantly more energy efficient, vibration resistant and to provide up to 5x or more life than previously used metal halide lights.

The Federal Government ITC Tax Credit is offering an incentive towards the purchase of any Progress Solar™, Solar/Wind™ or Solar/Hybrid™ Light Tower of up to $4,600 or more*

*Consult your tax advisor to confirm savings specifically applicable for you.




Progress Solar/Hybrid Sales & Specification Sheet



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